Zoë visits another one of the caves at Tel Maresha

Zoë visits another one of the caves at Tel Maresha

This time Zoë and her tour group visits one of the larger caves, that is part of a network of interconnected caves. This particular cave has extensive olive press hardware in it, including the mill wheel seen to the left of Zoë in the picture.


Getting ready to dig for a day at Tel Maresha

Getting ready to dig for a day at Tel Maresha

Apparently archaeologists offer tourists, like us, the opportunity to take part in their archaeological excavation at Tel Maresha for a fee. This picture is a view of our group getting ready to participate in the dig at this site.

Cave entrance to the archaeological dig site

Cave entrance to the archaeological dig site

As I understand it, the people who lived in Tel Maresha, would start to build their houses above ground, by initially starting to dig out a cave on the site of their intended home, and using the stone material that they harvested from their cave to build their new home. When complete, the structure would have both above ground rooms and the below ground cave. Sometimes the caves would become quite extensive.

Zoë at the Dead Sea

Zoë at the Dead Sea

This posting is out of sequence and I should have posted it right after the picture of Zoë in front of Cave 4, at Qumran (posted March 13th), and in front of the picture of Zoë and her mother with their scarfs on (posted March 16th).